When did ambition become a naughty word? We aren’t any less ambitious, we just don’t seem to talk about it. Why hide a burning fire?

Striving. Growing. Achieving. All wonderful results of ambition. All within reach, should we be inclined to lift our arm. Ambition moves mountains and produces results. Rallies us with the clarity of focused intention. Why hide from the light? 

So let’s take back ambition. Let’s shine it’s light and let the world feels it’s heat. Match the word to the feeling. The feeling that gets you out of bed early and keeps you up late. The smoldering drive powering you forward. The embodiment of expansion.

I love ambition and smile every time I see it, in myself and in others. I write and I’m ready to invite ambition into that space. It has served me well so far. 

Writing, meet Ambition. 

Ambition, meet Writing.

I’m sure you’ll be fast friends. 


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