Your Crazy is Showing

There is a conspiring voice women use to help each other be presentable. Your slip is showing, we whisper, urgently. So the poor woman can settle all her parts into place. The closer we are to her, the more quickly we tell her. Strangers in bathrooms are close in their own way. Shared experiences matter, even when they are our most private moments. Maybe, especially when they are our most private moments. So in these moments, these women temporarily become our sisters, friends, mothers, and we look out for them and any parts that might appear out of place.

This is a little how I feel we handle crazy too. Oh honey, your crazy is showing. Urgently, we whisper a warning. You wouldn’t want everyone to see your crazy, would you?

Maybe a little crazy is good sometimes. Maybe a little crazy is exactly what keeps things moving. Passion is a little bit crazy. Relentless pursuit of a dream is a little crazy. Falling in love is a little crazy. Becoming a parent is a lot crazy.

All of the best things in life seem to be a little bit crazy.

Crazy can also be a stunningly effective motivational tool. It can be helpful in certain situations for people to know you are a little bit crazy.

My daughter has recently been stepping out of respectful communication and needed some correction to get back on track. I talked to her about tone and intent. I warned her when she was dancing too close to the line for too long. We discussed expectations. And with all these discussions, she was getting dangerously close to being out of line. So, I let my crazy show. In a controlled way, in a loving spirit, though she would disagree, I let my crazy show and allowed it to magnify the message I had been trying to convey. The glimpse of the power of crazy served to give power to my words and my daughter responded, after tears and hand written notes about sadness and life, with a renewed understanding that I am the parent here and as a parent of this particular family, I expect respect.

Sometimes, a little crazy is a good thing.

So, thank you very much for pointing out when my crazy is showing, but I already know. I know because sometimes, I let it show.


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