Still a Win

I’m socially awkward. There I’ve said it.

I’m also pretty good at faking it so most people don’t know that about me. Now, you dear readers, know the truth!

I took a step outside of my comfort zone, with the help of books. I joined a couple of book clubs. Today was the first meeting I signed up for. The book was good and disturbing so perfect for discussion. I was a little nervous, ok terrifird, to attend. I take that to mean I was on the proper path. 

The meeting was cancelled a couple of days ago with a caveat that if anyone read the book and wanted to go ahead with the meeting, please feel free. Normally, I would take this as an out. Breath a sigh of relief that I didn’t have to go and move on with my socially awkward ways. 

Not today. Today I showed up. 

I felt a little silly with my book on the table like a red rose signalling a blind date. I did it anyway. I enjoyed lunch while waiting to see if anyone would show. 

I’m calling it. It’s a win.

In case you’re wondering, the book is All the Ugly and Beautiful Things by Bryn Grrenwood. It is not for everyone. Those that enjoy proactive contango we written in unique stlye may enjoy this one. If anyone has read it and would like to discuss, I would love that! I am all amped up to talk about books and would relish the chance to do so. 


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