“Feels” is far and away my favorite of the slang that I am too old to utter and yet use often. It fits. Emotions are big and scary. It suits me to utilize a word that softens the edges of big scary things.

Feels are necessary. I get it. I also run from them. A lot. It is easier to hide than it is to feel. Until it’s not anymore. 

Today, I felt the feels. I allowed emotion to flow through and out of me. I’m drained and exhausted. It is no small thing to take my feels on and not hide in the bottom of a bag of chips. I felt. I cried. I survived. 

This evening, I am enjoying the feels that come with mothering. The feels are like that. They can wipe you out one moment and lift you up the next. 

I feel. Deeply. And that’s ok. 


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