We can do it. We are doing it. We have always done it.

Raising each other up. Supporting and loving and caring for each other. We have always and will always hold that space for one and another.

When we get too far away from that truth, we suffer in silence. We suffer in solitude. Bathroom floors and closets, our only witness to the pain, the guilt, the shame, the fear. 

Let’s not do that anymore. Let’s open the door and let the light in. How about we give it a go? Let’s try reaching out. Let’s try letting our true people shine the light in when we can’t drag ourselves to open the door. 

There is a restorative power in the relationships and connections with our true people. These most trusted of people can and should be a source of comfort, love, awareness, support. Allow them to help you up when you are crawling out of the depths. Be there for then when they commence their own climb. Celebrate the wins and enjoy the peace together.

If you don’t have trusted people, figure out why. Where there is understanding, there is an opportunity to heal the parts of you that have been keeping people out. When you focus on the healing as the motivation, the path can come into view. You only need a glimpse. You only need that fleeting look to know the way.

Together we can do this. Together we can heal. Together we can thrive!



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