60 Days

I was sure that if I posted a blog, it was real.  I had committed and I was going to see this thing through. While I did not hit the mark for 60 minutes for 60 days, I did learn some very interesting things.

I learned how  sit in my own space.  I learned to be still and feel my body. I have not done that in a very long time. Maybe not since I was a child. There was some point in my young life that I became aware that my body was powerful and that the power was not good. That power did not fit with the life plans that were available to me. I disconnected from my body in an effort to be small and acceptable. Glennon describes the feelings and process of this in Love Warrior exquisitely.

I am taking back my body. My body is a strong vibration that in its current form allows me to move effortlessly through this existence. I honor my body, this body, that has brought two beautiful eternal beings of love into my life. I honor this body that works hard and loves harder. I can sit in my body. I can feel my body. I am not only my body. I am not defined by what others see or think or feel about my body. My body is part of me not all of me.

I have also learned some other things during this yoga experience and awakening.

I like the way yoga makes me feel. I like the calmness that breathing and stretching bring. I like the sensation of moving into the stretch and the deepening that comes as you breath into it. I like the humming I feel in my body when I settle in and get into bed for the night. The pleasant glow of muscles in motion radiating through me.

The final thing I will share that I learned is that I want more. I want to stretch more. I want to be strong and execute flawless inversions and be strong and execute flawless stillness. I want to feel the hum throughout the day. I want to be proud and strong in my body. I want to and am currently working on cultivating the warrior within. The warrior I am deep inside that wants to move and grow in strength so that I can be at peace with all sides of myself.

For these reasons and a few more I am thankful for this journey. I am not yet to the 60th day. Today felt like the day to close it out here. This yoga journey has only just begun.




We can do it. We are doing it. We have always done it.

Raising each other up. Supporting and loving and caring for each other. We have always and will always hold that space for one and another.

When we get too far away from that truth, we suffer in silence. We suffer in solitude. Bathroom floors and closets, our only witness to the pain, the guilt, the shame, the fear. 

Let’s not do that anymore. Let’s open the door and let the light in. How about we give it a go? Let’s try reaching out. Let’s try letting our true people shine the light in when we can’t drag ourselves to open the door. 

There is a restorative power in the relationships and connections with our true people. These most trusted of people can and should be a source of comfort, love, awareness, support. Allow them to help you up when you are crawling out of the depths. Be there for then when they commence their own climb. Celebrate the wins and enjoy the peace together.

If you don’t have trusted people, figure out why. Where there is understanding, there is an opportunity to heal the parts of you that have been keeping people out. When you focus on the healing as the motivation, the path can come into view. You only need a glimpse. You only need that fleeting look to know the way.

Together we can do this. Together we can heal. Together we can thrive!