Not all #momfails are really fails at all.

There is a beauty in being nice to yourself as a mom. The bar is set pretty high and thanks to Pinterest that bar is homemade and matches your well thought out decor perfectly. 

I’m calling bull shit. We are exhausting ourselves to give our special snowflakes every advantage in life and we are missing the actual living. We are driven and motivated to be the perfect moms or at the very least make it appear that way on Facebook and Instagram. 

In the spirit of realness, here are a few of my #momfails. These are only for the most recent few days. The interwebs don’t have enough room for all of my #momfails after all  

I was driving around looking for pumpkins two days before Halloween. At one point I may or may not have uttered the words “we can just use a spaghetti squash, right?”.

There have been Halloween decorations in my car for three weeks. Now before you start thinking, wow she bought decorations, let me put your mind at ease. The decorations were purchased by Nana and given to us to put up. They did get put up last night. Today is Halloween.

We finally got around to going to the pumpkin patch as promised. (In retrospect, I could have paid the crazy high prices for a pumpkin patch pumpkin instead of searching all the land, no matter.) On this, first trip to the pumpkin patch that the little man could run and play, I walked in with a 19% battery. Oh, the horror. Don’t waste a single shot.

All of these Halloween themed fails turned out fine. Pumpkin has been carved and looks great. The little lady enjoyed the hell out of decorating and is proud of how it turned out. I have a handful of adorable pictures that capture little man’s spirit. My #momfails really were not fails at all. They were a lesson in being nice to myself, trusting that it will all get done and enjoying the hell out of life!

Onward and Happy Halloween!


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