Not all #momfails are really fails at all.

There is a beauty in being nice to yourself as a mom. The bar is set pretty high and thanks to Pinterest that bar is homemade and matches your well thought out decor perfectly. 

I’m calling bull shit. We are exhausting ourselves to give our special snowflakes every advantage in life and we are missing the actual living. We are driven and motivated to be the perfect moms or at the very least make it appear that way on Facebook and Instagram. 

In the spirit of realness, here are a few of my #momfails. These are only for the most recent few days. The interwebs don’t have enough room for all of my #momfails after all  

I was driving around looking for pumpkins two days before Halloween. At one point I may or may not have uttered the words “we can just use a spaghetti squash, right?”.

There have been Halloween decorations in my car for three weeks. Now before you start thinking, wow she bought decorations, let me put your mind at ease. The decorations were purchased by Nana and given to us to put up. They did get put up last night. Today is Halloween.

We finally got around to going to the pumpkin patch as promised. (In retrospect, I could have paid the crazy high prices for a pumpkin patch pumpkin instead of searching all the land, no matter.) On this, first trip to the pumpkin patch that the little man could run and play, I walked in with a 19% battery. Oh, the horror. Don’t waste a single shot.

All of these Halloween themed fails turned out fine. Pumpkin has been carved and looks great. The little lady enjoyed the hell out of decorating and is proud of how it turned out. I have a handful of adorable pictures that capture little man’s spirit. My #momfails really were not fails at all. They were a lesson in being nice to myself, trusting that it will all get done and enjoying the hell out of life!

Onward and Happy Halloween!


60 Days – Days 16 and 17, I think.

I really should get a calendar.

Moving on.

Yoga and writing are working together. I feel the urge to write and I practice yoga. Voila! A subject to write.

It is an alignment. A balance. 

Tonight’s yoga had an interesting development. There was no uncomfortable resistance in my knee that sometimes acts wonky. I was noting it as modified around it. I didn’t let it stop the flow. I worked through it. Like magic. Doing something that centers me and brings thoughts into focus. 

Guys! This is big. I’m growing. I’m learning. I’m living!


60 Days – Days 13 and 14, maybe 15

I am losing track of days. May be time for a calendar. No matter. Yoga is happening. Every day. 

This morning was a solid 30 minutes with a bit of coffee and meditation on the mat.

Tonight’s yoga was what I call yoga baby. It’s a sequence that involves me holding poses as my wee one climbs all over and my older wee one chats with me as I try to focus. Some of the favorite moves include a stunning stretch wherein I rescue said baby from the mantel. This form of yoga is mainly done sans mat, which becomes a baby’s plaything. 


60 Days – Days 11 and 12

Write. Yoga. Write. Repeat as needed.

The awareness and growth I am experiencing is intense. It is exciting and wonderful and also big. The big-ness of it all has been the theme of the week. 

Learning new ways to move. Poses that represent live. Leaning into the breathing. Channeling energy through each aligning step.

I am writing about my experience with yoga. I am writing. I am writing. As I calm my body, I am able to focus my mind. Letting go of emotions and thoughts that don’t feel good, I have room for creative play. 

Breathing. Moving. Writing.


60 Days – Day 10

I might just be one of the people that practices yoga to burn the crazy off. 

I was in a shit mood and my head was all fucked up. Tears at work kind of fucked up. Tears for all the reasons and no good reason at all. 

I am aware and going back is not an option for me. That awareness is bringing everything to the surface. All the feelings I have been hiding from are at my door. I must open the door.

I got out my mat. Took a big breath and let it all out for 25 minutes. I’m reset. I’m in alignment. 

I burned the crazy off. For today. 

Onward! How 

60 Days – Days 6 Through 9

Not a lot of minutes days 6, 7 and 8. That reminds me of of the joke. We love the joke in our house. 

Today is day 9. It’s early morning. 15 minutes of practice experienced. 

Practice is resonating with me this morning. I practice yoga. It is a significant word. There is power and alignment in practice. It’s an indicator of patience and growth. 

I practice yoga.