60 Days – Day 4

Oh, day four. You beast, you. 43 minutes. All done after six pm. No small feat in our home. 

I followed a sun salutation tutorial video. What a difference to have someone walking through the movements. I feel a yoga class headed my way. 

While I didn’t hit the mark today on minutes, I had a day filled with mindfulness, awareness and excitement. 

Calling it a win! 



60 Days – Day 3

There is a graceful flow inside of me. I move. I breathe. I focus. I feel. All of these things are helping me bring forth my inner grace. 

Grace can be defined as simple elegance of movement. That’s what I’m going for. Simple. Elegant. Movement.

Side note, comfy socks rock. Don’t worry, it was grounding poses today so no issues with slip sliding in socks. 


60 Days – Day 2

Today I felt yesterday. I didn’t get stuck in yesterday as I felt it. I didn’t regret the stretching that left soreness as a parting gift. Instead, I took a breath and settled into it. 

As I moved, my body started heating up. The movements became more fluid. I felt the connection in my body. It’s clicking for me. The power of movement.


60 Days – Day 1

Yoga. 60 minutes a day for 60 days. 

Yoga has been tempting me for years. As the pull gets stronger and my thoughts are being used as a tool, we have arrived at a place that feels good. 

Yoga feels right. I’m ready. 

I don’t know what I’ll learn in the next 60 days. I do know I will learn. I know I will grow. I know commitment to this practice is paramount to my growth.

I started today. 15 minutes to get moving this morning. 

Me. The mat. Transformation of awareness.

Side note, this mat is due for a wipe down. Dirty and all, still got the stretch in!

Creation Lifestyle 

I’m coming out of the muck. I’ve been trekking through the dark and light is peeking over the mountain.

I am writing. I am thinking about writing. I am reading other writers. I am a writer.

I read a book, that kind of book. The kind that touches your soul and makes you think. The kind that you have to put down every few pages to take a moment to soak it all in. I watched and interview with the interview. She made a comment about her husband having married a writer. I wondered what she meant. When she married him, she was not a writer. 

I realized I was judging her. I made an assumption based on her story and a pivotal moment when she started writing. She may have started writing then but she was always a writer. It’s in your soul. 
I am writer because it is in my soul too. I am at peace when I am living a creative lifestyle.

Write on!