Not Profound

I create a new post.  The inviting little boxes open up, the digital age version of the clean page of a notebook.  I title and then tab into the text field. I stop.

What do I write? What do I want to say? How do I want to say it? If someone reads this, what do I want them to take away from the post? How can I best express myself?

So on and so on.

I close the post. Why post if I can’t post profound and mind blowing writing?

I am a writer, that’s why. I write because I must.

Tonight I post.

Profound might come tomorrow.


Writers Must Write

If you choose to be different or less than what you are, you will never be happy.  I’m paraphrasing a favorite quote. That might be in bad form and most likely not the best way to start a new blog; however it is very fitting.

Writers must write. I am a writer. I write. The difference in my mind and the way my thoughts patterns run is noticeable. I know when I am not writing that the darkness takes over. I write because I am writer.

So I am not going to write and publish. I am not going for prolific. I am not searching for the perfect word. I am writing because writers write.